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Charlie's Slash Closet

Freud would have a field day with this...

My Slash Writing Journal: NFL, X-Men First Class and Avengers

Transformative Works Statement:

Anyone who wishes to transform any of the stories on this journal into another media or create sequels or spinoff stories based off of my original story may do so provided:

A) I am given a copy of the finished product. I either need to be able to download the file from where you post it or you can email me a copy directly.

B) We link the works. Any place that you post your version must include a link to my original version and likewise I am allowed to post a link to your version on my LJ.

C) No monetary gain is being made off of any version of the work by any parties.

and D) My LJ name: Kromelitefxturs must be included somewhere on/in your version of the work.